Bench Warrants

When you are ordered to appear in court by a legal document or a judge, you must appear. If you fail to appear, a judge can sign a bench warrant asking for your immediate arrest by the police. Police officers may come to your home or workplace, but usually you are arrested after being stopped again for a new traffic offense. When the officer checks your name and the status of your driver license he will determine that there is a warrant for your arrest and you must be taken into custody. Thereafter, you must pay a bond or money to get out of jail; or sometimes, a judge will refuse to let you out of custody at all. After this happens, you must then attend a court hearing in order for a judge to determine your penalty. In some instances, you can receive a jail sentence and be ordered to pay a large fine. You may also receive a conviction on your criminal record that stays there for life.


Before this happens to you it is wise to contact an attorney. The attorney will ask the judge to set aside the warrant and in many cases you will not have to attend the hearing to do this. Once the warrant is removed, the attorney can help you reinstate your license, if necessary and resolve the criminal matter. If there is a bench warrant for your arrest, please contact us so I can take the proper legal steps necessary to protect your legal rights and maintain your freedom.

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