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How to Dispute a Speeding Ticket?

In about 20 states, deciding whether it is safe to exceed the speed limit is a circumstance where a subjective judgment must be made. That’s because in these states the posted speed limit is not an absolute limit but only creates a legal presumption as to the safe speed for that road. This raises the possibility of challenging the officer’s judgment by proving it was safe to slightly exceed the posted limit

If you are ticketed for speeding, your defense will depend on the nature of the speed limit. All 50 states use three basic types of speed limits, called “absolute,” “presumed,” and “basic.” Because each type of speed limit violation often requires a unique defense, it is key to understand which you are charged with violating.

  1. Absolute Speed Limits

Most states have an “absolute” speed law. There is no trick to how this works: If the sign says 40 mph and you drive 41 mph or more, you have violated the law.

  1. Presumed Speed Limits

Being charged with violating a “presumed” speed limit means you are accused of driving at an unsafe speed, considering the conditions at the time you were ticketed

  1. Basic Speed Law

Some states also have a way to ticket you when you are driving under the speed limit if an officer concludes your speed was unsafe. Called the “basic” speed law, it prohibits driving at an unsafe speed, even if that speed is below the posted limit.

  1. Ask to see the radar then ask a few questions.

Many jurisdictions require that the officer allows you to see the radar. Don’t press it if the officer says no because that’s what a courtroom is for. But, at least ask, then ask a few more questions to show that you are watching.

You might ask, “When was the last time your radar gun was calibrated?” or “Where were you when you clocked my speed?” or “Were you moving when you clocked my speed?”

Do not ask these in an argumentative or sarcastic tone, all that will do is make it more difficult for you.

If all else has failed, you should then go to your trial. Do not miss this out of fear, or you will definitely be found guilty


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