Have you been cited for speeding? Speeding tickets can have many different consequences for your driver’s license and insurance rates. Speeding tickets, particularly those that are classified as “excessive” may also lead to charges of reckless driving, which is a serious event which can have a lasting impact on your driving record and can cause you to lose your license at some point in the future. Most speeding tickets are civil violations, not criminal. Although speeding tickets are very common, they can cause serious and unanticipated consequences. Unfortunately, speeding tickets are used to generate revenue for cities and states. Most drivers know that having speeding tickets on their record will raise their auto insurance rates, but few are aware that, depending on where they live, it can affect them in a myriad of other ways, seemingly unrelated to driving.

Speeding tickets usually carry the largest fines of all tickets, they also tend to be the most likely ticket to get dismissed when you have an experienced traffic attorney handling your case. The reason for this is that the police officer must use some sort of speed measuring device to monitor your speed. It can be a pace clock, radar gun or laser gun. The law requires that all of these speed measuring devices be accurately calibrated before they can be used. If the device is not calibrated and maintained properly its use may be disallowed by the judge hearing your case. It is best to have an experienced traffic attorney who is familiar with all of these devices and the rules and regulations that must be followed for them to be used accurately. The attorney will point out to the judge any mistakes or omissions that were made by the police officer and your speeding ticket is much more likely to be dismissed. The rules and regulations that govern these devices sometimes change and, of course, it would be difficult for a person representing himself to be aware of any of these changes, let alone the rules themselves.

Besides these speed measuring devices, the officer must select the correct Florida statute section number for your specific situation. Mistakes of this nature may also result in your ticket being dismissed.

The reasons for a ticket’s dismissal are even more numerous than we have discussed. There are many more things to look for and that makes it even more sensible to hire an experienced traffic attorney to represent you. An experienced traffic attorney will find these mistakes which will usually result in the client saving time and money.

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