Suspended Licenses

Suspended licenses can occur several different ways. By failing to pay a fine, failing to attend a court hearing, accumulating too many points on your driver license or simply for allowing your automobile insurance to lapse. Whatever the reason, our office is prepared to discuss how you can get your driver license back.

If you are charged with driving with a suspended license it can be a criminal or non-criminal offense. Driving with knowledge that your license is suspended may result in a criminal violation. If you did not know that your license was suspended it may result in only a non-criminal violation, sometimes referred to as a civil infraction. Knowing which one you are charged with is extremely important in determining how it should be handled and on the future consequences to your driver license. Whether you’re charged with or without knowledge of your suspension may result in you incurring a “strike” on your license, which will go towards you eventually being classified as a habitual traffic offender. In Florida, if you accumulate 3 “strikes” within a 5 year period your license will be revoked for 5 years as you will be classified as a habitual traffic offender. Therefore, knowing what you’re charged with and knowing your previous record is extremely important to avoid this from happening to you.

Contact my office to speak with me to get an assessment of your individual situation. You may be surprised how quickly my office can get your driver license reinstated and you back on the road.

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